Cover Screen Launcher is a WIP launcher for the front screen of Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung’s new foldable display is opening a new world of possibilities to take advantage of the screens they’re equipped with. It seems company nailed to the head and it is opening a new market by leaps and bounds, the demand is huge for this type of phone.

A developer from XDA Developers has created an app that takes advantage of the browser exploit that allows us to check mail and some additional options from the cover screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 without the need to open the phone.

Cover Screen Launcher takes advantage of the front screen to reveal additional options

It should be emphasized that This app is in beta, so it still has some bugs and errors, but its creator promises to keep working on it until it works as best as possible. If you decide to install it, here are the considerations you should take into account:

  • It now requires the screen lock type to be set to ‘None’ in Settings -> lock screen.
  • The keyboard will not open on the cover screen and some app functions are limited.
  • Switching apps requires touching the feed to close the widget and restart the widget (cap trigger, swipe to widget). However, the list of applications can be closed quickly.
  • Samsung Health must be uninstalled to release package names for whitelisted widgets. The installation of this application will be added as one of the options in the widgets on the home screen.

You can download Cover Screen Launcher from this link, you will need to register with XDA Developers and allow installation from unknown sources.

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